Museum of Roman Civilization

The restoration of ancient book-related art objects and writing instruments
executed by Antonio Basile (in 1996) for the Library of the
Museo della CiviltÓ Romana (Museum of Roman Civilization) in Rome

Museo della CiviltÓ Romana

Museo della CiviltÓ Romana
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The best-known private library of the Imperial Age is recognised to be the one housed in Villa Adriana in Tivoli. This grand hall, provided with an apsidal niche at the far end, inspired the reconstruction of a Roman Library in the Museo della CiviltÓ Romana (Museum of Roman Civilization); in addition to accomodating a statue of Minerva in the absidal niche, in other niches are housed reproductions of objects used in writing and in reading in the Roman world, reconstructed both technically and scientifically at the Villa d'Este Laboratory. Among them we find: papyrus volumes with stick, palette of the scribe, Greek and Latin papyri, fascicles of volumina (volumes) bound with red strips, linen books, dealbatea tablets, tabulae cerata with stylus, plumbea charta, capsae and parchments.

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